Imagine you wake up tomorrow and school is no longer compulsory. What would you do? Would you go to school anyway? Or would you scream for joy until your voice went out? I know what my 10-year old self would have done. I would have started running and jumping and skipping and dancing. Life would have been vibrating through every part of my body pushing me to run faster and jump harder. Then I would have calmed down, and life's endless possibilities would have danced through my head.

But that is not how my 16-year old self would have reacted. I probably wouldn't have reacted at all. My excitement at life was gone. What was left was expectations. I no longer lived my life, but lived other people's idea of life.

What happened to me in those 6 years?

School happened to me.


This site is about traditional schools and the harm they inflict. But it's also about life. A life of joy and excitement. A life of endless possiblities. A life that schools begin to take away.

Your job is to make them unsuccessful, and I am hoping that the writings and resources on this site will help you do that.

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